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Zorbing New Zealand

Mark Hennessy BSc. PhD.

Research Lab 1
Department of Computer Science
National University of Ireland, Maynooth,
Co. Kildare

E-Mail: markh 'at-symbol' cs 'dot-symbol' nuim 'dot-symbol' ie
Phone: +353 1 7083197

My name is Mark Hennessy. I'm a recently completed postgraduate student working as a lecturer at NUIM.

I completed my undergraduate degree (Computer Science) in Maynooth in June 2002. I started a PhD in October 2002.
The title of my project is "A test-driven development strategy for the construction of grammar-based software".

I completed my PhD in October 2006 and defended my thesis in December 2006. My research supervisor was Dr. James F. Power.
My thesis is available here.

Research Interests
Testing, with an emphasis on developing a standardised test-suite for applications that receive ISO C++ as input( More)
Parsing, with particular emphasis on GLR parsing.(More)
Source Code Analysis and Representation through XML.(More)
Aspect Oriented Programming.(More)

CS151 - Discrete Structures 1 (Course material available through Moodle)
CS351 - Programming Paradigms
CS613 - Masters C++ Workshop

CS310/SE301 - Compilers

Recipient of IRCSET scholarship for the duration of my Phd.
Winner of best paper at the 2006 IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Conference, Dublin Symposium.

Conference Publications (peer reviewed)
Mark Hennessy and James F. Power, "Ensuring behavioural equivalence in test-driven porting",
in CASCON06, 16th International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, Dublin Symposium, IBM Campus, Dublin, Ireland, Oct 2006.(More)

Mark Hennessy and James F. Power, "An Analysis of Rule Coverage as a Criterion in Generating Minimal Test Suites for Grammar-Based Software",
in ASE05, 20th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, Long Beach, CA, USA, Nov 2005.(More)

Mark Hennessy, Brian A. Malloy and James F. Power, "gccXfront: Exploiting gcc as a Front End for Program Comprehension Tools via XML/XSL",
in IWPC03, International Workshop on Program Comprhension, Portland, Or, USA, May 9-11, 2003.(More)


Other Interests
The greatest rush in the world: Zorbing
I enjoy travelling quite a lot cropping up all over the US and New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, the UK, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.
Allez les Bleus! Leinster Rugby.
What I am currently listening to:
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