IRE-2002 Workshop on
Intermediate Representation Engineering
for the Java Virtual Machine

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
June 13-14, 2002

An associated workshop of the conference on Principles and Practice of Programming in JavaTM

Abstracts of Accepted Papers
PowerPoint Slides from Mark Lewin's talk: introduction, overview
Markus Mohnen's framework for data-flow analysis in Java is now available: see

The widespread use of JavaTM technology has given increased prominence to the study of portable intermediate representation formats, particularly those similar to the stack-based design of the Java Virtual Machine. While much attention has been given to performance issues, it is also important to consider the design of JVM bytecode in the light of its relationship to to its ancestors, such as Forth, as well as more recent competitors such as the Microsoft .NET framework.

This workshop seeks to explore issues relating to the design and engineering of intermediate representations. We are interested in position papers, work-in-progress reports and synopses of current research.

Topics of interest include:

Papers covering related areas and systems (such as Forth, Oberon, C# etc.) will also be considered.

It is intended to run the event in true workshop style, so authors should expect to discuss their proposals for 20-25 minutes in total, allowing time for interaction and questions.


Authors should submit a 3-5 page extended abstract (Postscript or PDF format) to, to arrive not later than April 1 2002.

Papers will be reviewed for relevance, and the authors will be contacted with feedback within two weeks of the submission date.

Call for papers: PDF version, or PS version, or text version



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