MK MapMaker
(latest version: v. 0.6)
(c) John G Keating and John Evans, 2002

MK Mapmaker is a DHTML/CGI-based Map Making utility for producing tabletop maps for games such as Mage Knight or HeroQuest. Using MK MapMaker you can interactively design large tiles from individual terrain icons using an intuitive (hopefully) interface and produce a full-size single color image suitable for saving and printing. You need a DHTML-enabled web browser to use MK MapMaker.

This is an ongoing project - at present you can only generate tiles - and it is hoped that by version 1.0, a layout editor will be available to produce larger maps from your saved tiles. Help is always welcome, so if you wish to contribute to the project in some way, please email me ( with your suggestions. Help can be in the form of programming, tile graphics, terrain icons, FAQ building, writing tutorials, making tiles and putting them in ZIPped archives, providing scenarios based on your maps, re-working the MK MapMaker website, etc. In fact, some of the best contributions have been in the form of constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. Appart from users, critics and testers we presently have the following people actively involved in the project:

Marburg -Design, Interface Graphics and Program Coding.
Grifter -Design and Tile Graphics.
Rowdy -Testing and Tutorial (new version soon).
Hisst Ka -Tile and Terrain Icon Contributions.

The latest version of MK MapMaker can be found here.

Need Help? Have a look at Rowdy's Tutorial here!

Find your saved Tiles here!

New! Directory Listing of User Tiles here!

MK MapMaker ScreenShot

MK MapMaker Screenshot