Computer Science Postgraduate Mini-Seminar Series

The postgraduates in the department of Computer Science are organising a "mini-seminar series" in which postgraduates are given the opportuinty to talk about a subject of their choice. These talks will be of a more casual nature, looking to stimulate conversation and questions, rather than lecture format. The last seminar was on Tuesday the 17th November 2015 and the talks were as follows:

  • Robert Kelly - "C++ move semantics": An addition to the C++ standard allowing references to r-values via a new type, with associated constructors and assignment operators for objects. This provides a mechanism for handling temporary variables, giving way to more efficient code (via avoiding unnecessary copies) with standardised semantics and properties. The talk will look into why a new type needed to be introduced via examples, and the benefits of these addition.
  • Marie Farrell - "Event-B by example": Event-B is a formal specification language that enables the user to prove safety properties of a specification. It uses set theory as notation and facilitates the modelling of systems at different levels of abstraction through the verifiable process of refinement. This talk will provide a brief introduction to Event-B and its associated platform Rodin. Notable uses of Event-B are the fully automated Paris metro line 14, air traffic control, and pacemakers.

The next seminar is proposed for Tuesday the 8th December 2015 at 12pm and proposed speakers are Andrew Healy and Emlyn Hegarty. Titles and descriptons to follow.




Previous Seminars:

Robert Kelly "C++ move semantics" - link to video

Marie Farrell "Event-B by example" - link to video

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