Generic Character Qualities for Computer Science


Generic Character Qualities for Computer Science
Affinity for Technology and interest in the application of technology for the benefit of mankind – Embrace and promote new technologies, new ways of interacting with technology or benefiting from it, for things like personal and business productivity, social networking, recreation. Interest in new ways of working, interacting, representing and digesting information. Do you have an ipod , gps, use bebo/facebook/youtube/twitter, record and edit digital media, use office applications, online banking, ebay etc?

Good Communicator – Competency using a language as a tool to achieve an objective. Essential for clear and organized explanation and expression of ideas, stating requirements and specifications, communicating results, teamwork collaboration, supporting, defending and criticising. Are you good at languages or essay writing?

A Logical mind – Do you like figuring out solutions to problems? Do you like to think about better ways of doing things? Do you pay attention to detail and get satisfaction from knowing something is done elegantly, efficiently and correctly? Are you idealistic or philosophical?

Self Discipline - Are you organized, capable of focusing and seeing something through to the end? Do you plan your time, or keep a diary. Are you dependable and timely, capable of working on your own?

Numerate – Many application areas of Computer Science involve mathematics of some kind when modelling real world situations and numbers are used to represent, reference and manipulate many abstractions in computations. Mathematics is relevant to the theoretical aspects of Computer Science and to many domain specific areas of application. Are you comfortable with mathematics? Have you encountered any statistical techniques or training?

Competency in English, Mathematics, Philosophy and/or other subjects may be an indicator of many of these qualities which serve as a guide as to your likelihood of success with Computer Science.

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